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New Patient Questions and our Practice Policies

Every physician patient relationship needs to be built upon a foundation of shared thoughts and principles, as well as honest and thorough communication.  We hope that the following information will be helpful in setting your expectations:

  • Medical History: All new patients are requested to complete the New Patient intake forms as completely and accurately as possible prior to their initial appointment.  Unfortuntely, some patients think that medical conditions, prescriptions, and/or supplements which are not "directly related" to their immediate pain issue can be ignored when completing the forms. However, these "other" conditions and medications often have direct or indirect impacts on their pain issue(s) or on the treatment methods and/or medicines that may be selected to treat them. If you are unable to download and complete the forms before your appointment, please arrive thirty (30) minutes before your appointment to complete them here.
  • Imaging Studies: If you have already had any imaging studies (MRI's, CT's, X-Rays, etc.), please bring BOTH the reports from the radiologist who reviewed them as well as the original DVD, CD, or films.  Dr. Wania-Galicia willl want to study the report(s) and the image(s) during your appointment and will gladly review them with you on our HD monitor. The more you understand about the underlying cause(s) of your pain, the more likely you are to participate in and benefit from treatment.
  • Prescriptions: Dr. Wania-Galicia utilizes a wide range of treatment modalities, including oral pain medicines.  Please bring with you the physical containers for each of your prescription medications and any supplements which you use.  As it is practice policy not to write any prescriptions during the initial appointment, please be sure that you have enough pain medication from your referring provider to last at least ten days after the date of your first appointment here. During that period, Dr. Wania-Galicia will review any medical records obtained from your referring physician and your other providers, the results of her physical examination, and her discussion with you during your initial appointment.  At your follow-up appointment, scheduled 7-10 days after the initial appointment, you and the doctor will agree a treatment plan and any required prescriptions will be provided at that time.
  • Practice Policies: 
    • Please be prepared to pay any co-pay due when you check-in for each appointment. We accept personal checks, credit and debit cards.


    • Please bring photo identification as well as your insurance card(s) to your initial appointment and whenever your address or insurance coverage changes.


    • Please be sure to call us at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time if you need to reschedule,, so that we can make that time available to another patient.  Multiple cancellations with less than 24 hours notice, and/or no-shows, may result in your being billed for the time and/or in dismissal from the practice.


    • Please include on your New Patient intake forms the full name and address of the physician who referred you to our practice, as well as any other physicians with whom you have an ongoing relationship. If you were not referred to us by a physician, please provide us with the name and address of your primary care physician.  This information is essential, as it enables us to keep your entire care team informed about your treatment.